Synerchi Kombucha Pear With Matcha Tea



Price 330ml bottle


Produced in Ireland, the antioxidant powerhouse that is Matcha Tea is perfectly complimented by the fruity taste of pear and is lightly sparkling.  This is such a refreshing alternative to fizzy drinks and it is full of live probiotics that boost your gut health and relation to the benefits for gut health and we believe there should be, even if its just for taste alone!


SynerChi Kombucha pear with Matcha tea is produced in Donegal, in Ireland’s first kombucha brewery.  There is such a buzz around fermented food and drink lately, highlighting the benefits for gut health! SynerChi Kombucha pear with matcha tea is certified organic, vegan, paleo, naturally free from dairy, gluten and soy.

Each bottle contains 330ml and per 100ml typically provides 4g carbohydrate, trace amounts of fat and fibre, 0.2g protein and 16 calories.


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