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When customers come through our doors for the first time, many will ask ‘what on earth are those things’, well basically they are a large grapefruit in fact they are the largest type of citrus fruit in the world.  Pomelo tastes pleasant with a similar consistency of grapefruit but less of a tangy flavour associated with grapefruit.  The outside of the fruit is usually yellow or pale green and the flesh inside is pulpy and white, pink or even red (depending on the variety).

So… How do you eat it?  To prepare this fruit you need to use a knife and cut both ends so the top and bottom of the pomelo is flat, now score the sides of the fruit in 8-10 places, you may need to score up to 2 inches deep as the skin can be quite thick, once you have completed this just peel back the fruit like a banana… My advice, dont try and peel like an orange as this will prove to be a messy exercise ??

Pomelo is a citrus fruit containing a number of health benefits including boosting the immune system, improving digestion, lowering blood pressure and reduce cramping.  It is also said to reduce signs of premature ageing, aid weight loss and boost oral health.


Pomelo has plenty of nutritional value including its vitamin and mineral contents as well as vitamin C (contains 600% of your vitamin C requirement for the day), fibre (the edible flesh of one pomelo contains about 25% of your daily fibre requirement – to aid digestion), vitamin B6, potassium (37% of your daily potassium to regulate blood pressure) and magnesium.  So if you haven’t tried this fruit, those are just a few reasons why you should!

A typical 100g portion of pomelo provides 9.62g carbohydrate, 1g fibre, 0.04g fat, 0.76g protein and all for just 38 calories!


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