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The Braeburn Apple was first discovered growing in New Zealand in 1952 and named after the Orchard which grew the seedlings to produce a commercial crop. It is now one of the most widely grown apples worldwide. It is sweet with a firm snappy flesh.

Braeburn apples are also useful in cooking.  When baking with apples, you need to keep in mind that texture is really important. Good baking apples have a balance of intense sweet-tart flavour and will not fall apart when thrown into the oven.  They should hold their shape and not turn into mush. Braeburn are ideal to bake stuffed or sliced and baked in a flan.


A bi-coloured apple with thin yellow skin covered with a red/orange colour to highlight the red stripes.  A Braeburn’s flavour is sweet, yet slightly tart in perfect balance with subtle hints of pear and cinnamon.  Studies suggest its components are essential for growth, development, calcium and potassium which helps control heart rate and blood pressure.

A typical 100g portion provides 52 calories, 0.17g fat, 13.81g carbohydrate, 0.26g protein and 2.4g fibre.


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